The Greatest Tale Ever Told

This is the place of records for the tale of a hapless group of individuals from the corners of Endysia and beyond who found themselves fighting alongside each other in a time of beards, bluffs and bloody bedlam. Old terrors from the past stir beneath the ashes of a forgotten city, a deep shadow creeps over the land, and evil seems to be taking root beneath every blade of grass. The hands of fate are reaching out, and soon there will be nowhere to hide…

This unlikely group’s past and present members, living and dead:

  • Cyrus Macehand, Warforged Barbarian of unknown origin.
  • Hibernas, Shardmind Sorcerer of the Southern Gate.
  • Beren, Half-Elf Ranger of The Timberwood (resigned; whereabouts unknown).
  • Alera, Elven Ranger of the Mainland Elven Colonies (deceased; throat cut by gnomes).
  • Leigh Zhe, Eldarin Wizard, practitioner at Midas (deceased; cranium pulverized).