• Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson

    A mysterious warrior who dropped through a portal during the Battle of Burnt Sky. None know his true purpose.
  • Beren of The Timberwood

    Beren of The Timberwood

    A half-elf ranger with a troubled past whom the party met in the pocket dimension of a crazed merchant king.
  • Hibernas


    A socially inept (yet very flirtatious) Shardmind from the southern gate to the Far Realm.
  • Nathaniel of House Lionheart

    Nathaniel of House Lionheart

    A Human Knight from the far-away land of Ithos.
  • Anthromechanical Reclamation Group

    Anthromechanical Reclamation Group

    A mercenary group dedicated to repossessing and rehabilitating anthromechanical constructs.
  • Calhoun


    A mostly timid kobold taken by Andrew Jackson as a slave of sorts.
  • Goglomath Fezbin

    Goglomath Fezbin

    A very old, especially powerful wizard who has seen much and more of what Endysia has to offer; the splendors, and the abominations.
  • The Spicy Spaniard

    The Spicy Spaniard

    An enigmatic merchant king with a penchant for creatively disposing of competition.