Andrew Jackson

A mysterious warrior who dropped through a portal during the Battle of Burnt Sky. None know his true purpose.


Andrew Jackson, as he calls himself, has an inclination towards dueling – and by that, it is meant that he is quite obsessed with it. Armed with dual flintlock pistols, a blund and an eagle cane, Jackson prefers to be in the center of combat, and often singles out enemies whom he wishes to deal a humiliating defeat to. These confrontations are almost always initiated by a slap to the face with one of Jackson’s (deeply) bloodstained gloves.


Not much is known about this strange, bloodthirsty man. Goglomath Fezbin seemed to sense that Jackson was from somewhere very, very far away – although he could not pinpoint his point of origin exactly. Jackson has revealed almost nothing about his past with the party, besides his claims of hailing from a place called “The United States of America.” He has no idea how he got to Endysia, or why he is here. Curiously, Jackson first appeared during the Battle of Burnt Sky, on the deck of the Mantis Emperor’s Warship. Whether or not this is significant remains to be seen.

Jackson has a habit of taking the heads of his enemies, and he also seeks out individuals who will swear themselves to his service (or who he can enslave). He has a Kobold servant named Calhoun, whom the party met during a battle with pirates on their way to Firadel.


At the end of the battle of Calakmul, Jackson’s body began undergoing a startling transformation. The leg he lost in the battle was replaced by the leg of an eagle – it supposedly grew to replace his lost limb, but Jackson has no memory of the process.

During the Second Battle for Midas, Jackson took a fireball to the face. The wound healed quickly (and painfully), but instead of new skin, Jackson found white feathers, an eagle-eye, and the beginnings of a beak beneath his bandages.

The final stage of Jackson’s transformation came during the climax of the Second Battle for Midas. As his suit went critical, the gnomish field commander toppled off of the Lantern’s tallest tower – with Jackson in his clutches. The field commander’s suit exploded violently, sending blinding jets of blue flame into the sky. From the center of the blast, a shadow rose – and from it spread wings, long and full. The mysterious figure pushed itself towards the tower, and in the fading light of the explosion, the party saw what had become of Jackson. Besides his posture, no trace of his former self was visible – he had become a great bird of prey. Head of white feathers, body of brown; a sharp beak, and sharper eyes. He let out a cry as the party regarded him, stunned. And then, he flew.

Andrew Jackson

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