Anthromechanical Reclamation Group

A mercenary group dedicated to repossessing and rehabilitating anthromechanical constructs.


The ARG utilizes tools specifically designed for disabling arcano-mechanic constructs. They are typically hired to reclaim rogue constructs or to bring them in for deconstruction and reapplication. The group has also been known to substitute flesh for arcano-mechanic replacements.


The Anthromechanical Reclamation Group was founded sometime after the Scourge of Xyxus, when the construction of sentient beings (such as the warforged who ended the war so brutally) was outlawed. Of course, if something is illegal, there is an underground market for it, and this is no different.

Creating warforged can be a tricky business, and sometimes things go a bit awry: projects escape, parts are stolen, reactor cores vaporize workshops. This is where the ARG comes in – they clean things up, for a price.

Founded by the ruthless mercenary Zela Kydus, who decided she would corner the “arcano-mechanical hunting” market as soon as possible, the ARG has been “reclaiming and rehabilitating constructs” for many years. They are only well known in some circles, however, as their work is generally quite discreet. It is said that they infuse the parts of constructs into their own bodies to harness their power, and have personally developed weapons specifically built for terminating or incapacitating arcano-mechanical beings.

Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Anthromechanical Reclamation Group

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