Beren of The Timberwood

A half-elf ranger with a troubled past whom the party met in the pocket dimension of a crazed merchant king.


Beren is an expert marksman who fights as a pair with his compatriot, Alera. He is agile and accurate, his skills honed by both formal training and survival in the Ocyvian forest.


His father was a human warrior who grew sick of fighting and whose fortunes, after meeting his wife, allowed him to settle down and try to begin a life of peace in the country. His mother was an Elvish maiden who, while traveling, was attacked by a group of soldiers. They might have done some very unpleasant things, had his father not come along and slain the bastards. Struck by her beauty, the man who would be Beren’s father took her to the nearest town where he fed her, housed her, and clothed her. He visited her whenever he wasn’t off on campaign. Eventually, they fell in love. When he retired, she came with him to his country estate, where they married and had a son, Beren. However, when Beren was but six years old, a war began between the Elves and the Humans, and an extremist human faction took it upon themselves to “correct” his family’s behavior. Beren watched from a tree as they descended upon his family’s house with fire and sword. They attacked his mother but his father intervened. Driven by pure rage, his father slew near a dozen of them with his bare hands before being shot in the back with a poisoned arrow. Then they finished off his mother and burned their house to the ground, laughing maniacally as they did so.

The young Beren wandered the forest for days, hungry and alone. Finally, on the brink of death, he collapsed with exhaustion by the side of a small stream. That is where Sister Vera found him; an elf on the high council of an order of Ocyvian warrior priestesses. When she heard of his tale and parentage, she convinced the other members of the council to allow him to remain among them. As Beren grew, he became close friends with one of the order’s young initiates, only a few years older than he – Alera. After about a year, they might as well have been brother and sister. Trained by the priestesses, Beren the half-elf became a skilled woodsman, hunter, and warrior, training alongside Alera as he grew into manhood. Over time, his relationship with Alera evolved, and they began to meet in secret. When he turned 20, Sister Vera died unexpectedly. Without her protective influence on the council, the other sisters decided that, as a man, he could not be allowed to remain with them, and that he could never be allowed to reveal his knowledge of their existence. They determined to poison him so that he should die in his sleep. Very fortunately for Beren, Alera discovered the plot and helped him escape.

Stealing for him the weapons and armor he uses to this day, she led him out past the sentries and bid him run as far and as fast as he could, for the council would surely send assassins after him. And she warned him never to look for her, because, for all the love she bore him, she wouldn’t be able to help him again and would be compelled to do her duty for her order. And with that he vanished into the moonlit forest. That was four years ago.
For a long time, he tried to make an honest living, but found that a half-elf didn’t find much of a welcome in most human or elven settlements. Eventually, he was compelled to turn to a life of crime. But, remembering what had happened to his family and what the priestesses had taught him, he swore an oath never to harm an innocent and only to steal from those who could afford to be stolen from.

He became a shadow of the forest, a whispered rumor. One day he was watching a caravan, in preparation for a lightning raid when suddenly that caravan’s nefarious owner, known only as the “Spicy Spaniard,” appeared behind him and sucked him into his voluminous jacket. He found himself in an empty black expanse; unsure of what to do, he sat down on the ground and eventually went into a deep sleep. When he woke, a strange group of individuals were standing over him…

Biography written by James, Beren’s player.

Beren of The Timberwood

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