The City:

Midas is the hub of all magic in Endysia; it is a city-state of mages, headed by the powerful wizard known as Goglomath Fezbin. Residing in the exact center of the realm, this sprawling metropolis stands defiantly amidst an ocean of sand and rock, a beacon of wondrous civilization in an otherwise unforgiving expanse. Its buildings are not of standard fare; being a city full of the magically gifted, many of its structural constituents are built into otherwise impossible shapes or fashioned out of strange materials (or they might simply not touch the ground – a common state for many alchemy shops). A prime example of this is the Lantern, Midas’s main castle – it floats high above the city, and is composed of a highly resistant marble that twists and bends the harsh light from the desert sun. As the day goes on, the color of its walls morphs from brilliant blues, greens and purples in the day to orange and different shades of red as the sun sets past the low horizon; at night, one can see stars speckling its towers. These colors often make their way down to the city below, basking the similarly black and gold marble-patched streets in a wonderful array of hues. Given its location in the desert, the city must generate its own weather, from snow to thunderstorms – thus, Midas is quite the oasis, and is a frequent stop for traders coming down the desert roads, most often from the Trader’s Crossing.

Card, Please:

Unique to Midas (among other things) is its tavern card system. Like all others, mages enjoy their fair share of alcoholic beverages, and it was only a matter of time before more, shall we say, ambitious individuals began collecting ingredients from other dimensions and infusing their drinks with magical properties. As one can expect, this resulted in a few discrepancies – those who were not capable enough could be maimed or even killed by a powerful enough brew. Thus, a system was developed: anyone without a tavern card was forbidden from entering such an establishment; upon arrival to the city, one would have to visit the university to take the Card Exam. This exam, a test of magical proficiency, would determine your card color, and thus the potency of beverage you could drink without killing yourself, or worse.

Ralof Stormbreaker almost sent himself to the void when he unknowingly took a swig of a black card drink (illegal to sell outside of Midas) at the Trader’s Crossing.

A Dusty Tome:

Since the mysterious assassination of “El,” the elven emissary sent to treat with the Ministratum, Midas and its inhabitants have become key players in the growing turmoil that plagues the realm. Although it does not think itself a part of any kingdom or faction, the city-state has been known to come to the aid of that group or the other, depending on their needs and wants. After the Scourge of Xyxsus, for example, the Midisians assisted the Ocyvians and the Ministratum in eradicating the genocidal warforged who had taken the city, thereby ending the conflict. That being said, the mages are not always so generous – often, they will remain inside their walls as the tides of war ebb and flow around them. Being as powerful as it is, Midas is looked upon with a mix of envy, respect, fear, and perhaps even a little bit of contempt by the other kingdoms. As a result, they have all attempted to create training and research programs for magic in their communities, so that they can stand up to Midas if need be. Almost all members of the nobility in each kingdom are well educated in magic, even if they do not possess the ability to utilize their knowledge, and historically, the wealthier kingdoms supplemented their armies with mages and ensured that their foot soldiers were capable of handling magic wielders.

More recent events at Midas include what is now known as the Battle of Burnt Sky, as well as the assassinations (and subsequent intervention by the party) at the public debate titled “Creating a Long-Term Plan Regarding the Reality of the Mantis Hordes.” The party has both fought alongside and celebrated with the denizens of Midas, and have befriended Goglomath himself.


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