A mostly timid kobold taken by Andrew Jackson as a slave of sorts.


Calhoun has never been seen to actively engage in combat; his primary purpose seems to be to carry Jackson’s items and fetch him things on occasion. He also assists Jackson in the reloading of his flintlocks, so Jackson can better focus on smashing in the heads of his enemies with his cane.

Calhoun died from an unknown attacker due to neglect on Jackson’s part.


Calhoun began his life near the Ocyvian coast, where he eventually joined a pirate group, drawn by hopes of gold and plunder. His last day as a pirate came when he and his mates ran into the party; after the battle, Jackson shouted him into submission and took him as a slave. He is known to make snide remarks at times, and seems to obey Jackson unflinchingly, but beyond that, not much is known of his desires or interests.


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