Goglomath Fezbin

A very old, especially powerful wizard who has seen much and more of what Endysia has to offer; the splendors, and the abominations.


As head of the Midysian government, it can be expected that Goglomath is quite skilled in magic, to say the least. During the battle against the mantis horde in the skies above Midas, he was seen to use his prowess to obliterate airships and repair Midas’s defenses where and when he could. The party is not sure of his true abilities.



Goglomath Fezbin was born well before the Scourge of Xyxsus; some 300 years before, in fact. He watched the realm descend into near complete anarchy as he grew, and for much of his “first life” took up arms against those he thought were wrongdoers during the time leading up to the Scourge. In many ways, his involvement in the conflicts of the past heavily influenced their resolutions, as Goglomath was a very powerful figure, whom people found easy to follow. He was known by many names, but none resonate more than “Keeper of the Light” – at 49 years old, Fezbin took his place on the high seat of Midas, watching over the city and (although there is no one true king in Endysia) the rest of the realm from his Lantern, Midas’s central castle that floats high in the sky. As time went on, he came to realize that he must stay alive to ensure the safety of both his people and those who lived outside his walls; as history had shown, the leaders of the other kingdoms could not be trusted to keep the peace. Thus, he spent the rest of his days concocting a serum that would reverse the aging process to a certain point, and then stop it completely. With the help of his friend and colleague, Reim, Goglomath finished this serum and gulped it down immediately. It worked, although perhaps too well (as Reim would later joke); the brew reverted Goglomath back to his infant form. Luckily, his capacity for speech remained, along with his vast intellect, allowing him to continue to rule. Reim did not take the serum after seeing what it did to Goglomath, and decided to keep working towards a fix. Midway through his second life, Goglomath was forced to exile Reim as punishment for his refusal to stop his experiments, which were controversial even by Midysian standards. With Reim gone, Goglomath lost many of the documents describing the “immortality” serum; thus, he has not been able to “stabilize the eldritch flow,” as he says, and has found that he reverts each time he comes close to dying.

Most Recent Events

Goglomath, for the first time in many years, mobilized his army and laid siege to Aureus in response to Ministrati hostility. Unfortunately, while he and his troops were away, the city was overrun by a combination of warforged and heavily armed gnomes. In addition, Goglomath’s siege did not go well at first. A large portion of the Aureasan nobility turned on the king and was holding him hostage; afraid of damaging Midas’s relationship with the Ministratum even further, Goglomath refused to attack the city until the king was safely out of his court’s hands. He did, however, send the party in as agents, to see if they could retrieve the king or otherwise give the Midisians an opportunity to attack.

Goglomath Fezbin

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