Endysia is the name given to the war-torn continent on which this campaign takes place. Home to a myriad of Higher and Lower species, this sprawling land mass has seen an incredibly violent mix of both beauty and terror since it was first cleansed of the Primordial Evil by the ancient Yzgardeen.

Due to the nature of its formation, Endysia has a particularly strange geography not seen elsewhere in the world. Sprawling grasslands end abruptly at the feet of dense, dark rain forests and steaming bogs; great expanses of pine trees cower in the shadows of the mighty northern peaks and are meanwhile whittled away by the central desert. Additionally, Endysia seems to be a hot-spot for the happenings of the multiverse – many powers, both malignant and benign, are often drawn to this place of turmoil.

Each of these unique environments are more or less ruled over by one of the Higher Species of the realm, and have been traded between bloodstained hands time and time again throughout Endysia’s history. While each kingdom has its laws and customs, it is all too often that the sword (or fireball) defeats the pen, and justice is typically served by local organizations, whether they are legitimate in the eyes of the law or not.

A more modern Endysia sees many factions, each generally governed by separate races who hold an uneasy peace with each other. These include the Ministratum Mestizo, the Ocyvian Republic, Midas, and the Monarraks; the most powerful of those who survived the great wars. No doubt, many other factions brood in the shadows, waiting for the best time to emerge…

Exemplifying its gore-spattered track through time, the most popular (accepted by most historians) way of organizing Endysian history is by separating it into the times between the largest conflicts that the realm has seen. That sequence is listed here.


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